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Protect your organisation from

Manage the full lifecycle of a third-party breach with alerting, remediation and reporting to protect you or your organisation from weak or stolen credentials.

Your information is secured.
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The most important component of your data privacy toolkit

BreachAware is a privacy company specialising in data breach detection, research and analysis. Our technology translates breach intelligence in real-time to provide your organisation and your people (or even your customers, partners or suppliers) with valuable insights that help you stay safe both on and offline.

  • Discover


    Their data breach is your data breach! Discover compromised credentials from your employees, partners and supply chain to manage the risks of collateral damage.

    Reduce the risk of credential stuffing attacks, targeted phishing attempts and potential malware distribution.

  • Educate


    The best defense is education. Identify particularly vulnerable individuals and provide them with the information they need to stay vigilant.

    When an employees details are found within a data breach, they become vulnerable to various attacks. Education on the threat they face helps to reduce these risks.

  • Rectify


    Take action immediately. Simply notifying a user may not be enough. Actively track actions by obtain employee assertions.

    By tracking the actions a user takes in rectifying a lost or stolen credential, you can monitor risk over time.

Expose shadow IT and regain control of your organisation.

Respond to data breaches

Maintain compliance

Our Projects

We try to get a little creative with our services and build useful tools to enhance privacy and compliance in your organisation.